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Commutator- Air Cooling Type

Commutator Air Cooling Type Specifications 整流器風冷式規格表 Features Forced fan cooling, if isolated from the surrounding environment of toxic gas, means with the increase of insulation, can pretend for small size and large capacity machine. 以風扇強制冷卻的方式,若能與有毒瓦斯之周圍環境隔離使用,即以絕緣物之提高,相輔可裝作小巧而大容器之機器 l  Remote Control 可製作遠端控制 l  Ampere-Hour Meter 可加裝安培小時計 l  Fan cooling 以風扇冷卻方式 Customized Products, please ask for details.

PH / ORP Transmitter

PH / ORP Transmitter Specifications 酸鹼度 / 氧化還原電位傳送器規格表 SPECIFICATION 1.   Measuringranges: PH range:0.00~14.00 mV range:-1999~+1999mv 2.   Output: Compatible low resistivity voltage output or 4-20mA power output 3.   Power: DC24V ± 20% 4.   Temperature Compensation: Automatic with PT-1000   ADVANTAGE Accessorial field transmitter Easy operation and low interference transmission Pipe and wall mounting capability 體積小、可安裝在牆面或2吋管上,耐候、防水性佳,置於現場做為前置放大器,亦可做遠距離之信號傳輸及方便現場測值監視及校正。

Commutator- Wind Cooling Type

Commutator Wind Cooling Type Specifications 整流器氣冷式規格表 Features Using natural cooling way, to set up in the place of not affected by plating gas around, suitable for small ampere rectifier. 整流器裝置利用周圍空氣自然冷卻的方式使用於設置周圍不受電鍍瓦斯影響的場所,適用於小安培的整流器 l  Remote Control 可製作遠端控制 l  Ampere-Hour Meter 可加裝安培小時計 l  Natural cooling 以自然冷卻方式 Customized Products, please ask for details.